Contest rules

  • All contests are open to the public, persons of age 17 and older.

  • If previously disqualified from a contest, you may not enter any new contests without the express written consent of MicTurn.

  • Entrants may submit up to a 5 minute recording.

  • Entrants may only enter one song per video entry.

  • Entrants may enter multiple open contests on MicTurn.

  • Entrants pay a non-refundable fee as specified in the details of the specific contest being entered.

  • Entrants must submit a song title and a song description.

  • Entrants must specify the author/composer of the song being entered. For original song competitions, the entrant must be the original author or co-author of the song being entered.

  • Song entries must be submitted before the deadline as designated by the host of the competition and as specified in the contest details.

  • Entries must conform to the genre, style of music, instrument selection, or other stipulation as outlined in the contest details. 

  • No pre-recorded material will be accepted as an entry. All song entries must be recorded live via the MicTurn app video recorder.

  • All videos will be reviewed in their entirety by a panel of pre-selected music industry professional judges as vetted by MicTurn.

  • MicTurn reserves the right to add or remove judges prior to or during a contest as necessary.

  • Each judge will evaluate the competitors and assign a score from 1 to 5 stars based on a number of criteria, such as originality, artistic ability, technique, and commercial viability.

  • Winners will consist of the top scores as taken from an average of all judge’s scoring.

  • Judges comments are anecdotal for the benefit of the musician/performer, and do not count towards the overall score. There is no guarantee that all video entries will receive judge comments.

  • Competitors shall receive prizes in accordance with the prize list outlined in the contest detail. 

  • Prizes may not be substituted except for the case where a specific prize is unavailable, in which case a cash prize of equal or greater value will be awarded.

  • Apple are Google are not affiliated with or sponsors of the competitions that take place in the MicTurn application.

  • MicTurn shall not assume any ownership or rights to the song(s) submitted.

  • MicTurn shall have the right to include entrant videos for promotional use on the MicTurn website, and social properties, as well as compilation CDs or digital playlists.

  • All video entries will be publicly visible. Musicians should refrain from entering a song into a contest that he/she does not wish to be publicly visible.

  • MicTurn reserves the right to extend the contest deadline as needed.

  • By entering, the entrant shall indemnify and hold MicTurn, LLC harmless from and against any and all claims inconsistent with the foregoing.